how to cut a master lock with bolt cutters

How to Cut a Master Lock with Bolt Cutters?

Are you having trouble opening a Master Lock? No matter how many combinations you’ve tried, the lock remains tightly sealed. Fortunately, there is an alternate way – using bolt cutters! Although it might sound intimidating upfront, understanding more about bolt cutters and what locks they’re suited for can help guarantee success in unlocking your seemingly unbreakable master lock.

To make sure things go as smoothly as possible while still keeping safe, read this post that covers everything from tips on safety to advice on selecting suitable types of locks when taking the plunge with some hefty bolts-cutter action!

Select the Appropriate Size Bolt Cutters

The first step in cutting a Master Lock with bolt cutters is to select the appropriate size bolt cutters for the job. Master Lock produces a variety of different locks, and each lock requires a different size bolt cutter. For example, the company’s “Standard” model locks can be cut with 14-inch bolt cutters, while its “Heavy Duty” model locks require 18-inch bolt cutters.

Position the Bolt Cutters

Once you have selected the appropriate size of bolt cutters, position the jaws of the bolt cutters around the shackle of the lock. The jaws of the bolt cutters should be positioned as close to the center of the shackle as possible.

Apply Pressure to the Bolt Cutters

Once you have positioned the bolt cutters, apply pressure to the handles of the tool until the jaws of the bolt cutter close completely around the shackle of the lock. It may take some effort to close the jaws of the bolt cutter completely, so be sure to use both hands if necessary.

Continue Applying Pressure Until The Lock Is Cut

Once you have closed the jaws of the bolt cutter around the shackle of the lock, continue applying pressure until you feel the lock give way and break apart. It is important to apply consistent pressure throughout this process so that you do not damage or deform the shackle of the lock.

Remove The Broken Lock From The Shackle

Once you have broken through the lock, remove it from the shackle and discard it properly. Be sure to dispose of any broken pieces of metal so that they cannot be used to attempt to open your lock again.

How to Cut Lock with Bolt Cutters in Tight Spaces?


Whether it is a Master Lock or another type of lock, the process to cut it with bolt cutters remains the same. As outlined above, the first step is to select an appropriate size bolt cutter. Then position your bolt cutters on either side of the shackle. Lastly, apply pressure at both ends until you hear a ‘snap’ as the shackle breaks.

If necessary, move further along to break apart further the lock and use pliers to clean off any debris that may remain in the shackle body.

Lastly, once all parts are separated, remove them from their respective places and proceed with whatever task you intended to accomplish by cutting your lock whilst using bolt cutters! It’s really that simple – even if you were wondering how to cut a Master Lock with bolt cutters, this should help you get started on unlocking anything that might be locked securely.

Don’t forget – safety should always be your first concern when attempting something like this and make sure to do your research beforehand!

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