Best Bolt Cutters For Locks

Top 5 Best Bolt Cutters For Locks Reviews & Buying Guide

Of course, there are many reasons a bolt cutter can be used daily can cut chains, bolts, wire mesh, padlocks, and much more. However, the main purpose of it is to cut various kinds of bolts this is why you need the best bolt cutters for locks that are handy and powerful tools.

If you want to change your current cutter or simply want to purchase a new one for the first time these can help you in every way considering how hard it is to find a reliable, versatile and professional cutting tool.

You need to think smart and choose wisely that will definitely be worth purchasing a bolt cutter.

  • What exactly are bolt cutters?

If you have a stubborn padlock and just lost the key of it, you will think about calling a blacksmith, but this can be an expensive tour of the home that might leave you hundreds of dollars out.

Your first choice should be bolt cutters which can save your precious dollars and could prove to work in many tasks around your house.

You have put every single tool in your gearbox and it would be foolish to forget the most important cutting material that might give you an advantage in some situations and you can become your expert.

5 Best Bolt Cutters For Locks (Top Picks)

It is obvious that you’ve never owned this kind of tool and it can be very difficult to choose which model is right for your needs.

This is why below we have listed the best bolt cutters for locks 2023 that are designed to assist you through any situation.

1. NIEKO 00563A heavy-duty bolt cutter

NIEKO 00563A heavy duty bolt cutter

Premium-made steel jaws, reliable performance, and compound cutting action

The NEIKO 00563A heavy-duty bolt cutter is your all-in-one solution which you can expect from it. Once you begin to use it, you will see that it can get the job done in no time and never leave cringing.

This model is made from chrome-molybdenum steel that is very tough enough to cut through padlocks and fences without any issue.

This bolt cutter also comes with non-slip handling and for that, you won’t need to worry about slipping.


One of the great benefits users will get using this NEIKO bolt cutter is that you will get balanced leverage which means you can transform all your power directly into this cutting tool to make easy and quick cuts.

This model has a high-end frequency blade and is designed with a powerful fulcrum that can perfectly multiply the pressure through your handle and dismantle the lock problems in no time.

Overall this bolt cutter offers an excellent combination of comfort, quality, and price that can be used for both professional and casual DIY needs.

The purchase of this model will leave many people happy in the first place.

Key features:

  • Comes with chrome steel with 36 in premium steel jaws
  • Can cut harder objects thanks to chrome vanadium
  • High-frequency blade, resistant to dents and damage
  • Give more and less effort
  • Classic-level fulcrum design
  • Precisely aligned blades
  • Ergonomic design with non-slip handle
  • Can cut chains, threaded rods, wire, bolts, and any other metal
  • Best for small jobs
  • Jaws should open wider
  • Lightweight
  • Won’t rust in damp conditions
  • The size is too small for bigger cutting jobs

Users score: 4.3/5

Personal opinion: If your overall look at its performance then you will find an ultimate cutting tool that will provide well-balanced leverage and handling at very little pressure. Make it your first option to buy it from the market.

2. Work-pro W017004A soft rubber grip bolt cutter

Work-pro W017004A soft rubber grip bolt cutter

Great lock plate, forged alloy steel, and Bi-materials grip

The work-pro W017004A bolt cutter can provide an amazing mix of cutting performance thanks to its chrome molybdenum blades that are very strong, and hard, and can hold very well while used.

This model comes with comfort and a grip which adds more friction, so users will be able to keep good control of this tool.

You can easily transfer all your hand power directly into this one and allows a good level of balance as well. When you talk about lower prices, then this tool gives you less retail and doubles the results.


Once you get your hands on this bolt cutter you will see that clinging and cutting will become easy.

Those users who always find difficult tasks will require great precision and strength which delivers solid gripping.

Safety is always the number one priority, and this model offers a secure and comfortable sit in the hand thanks to its thicker materials.

Its durability and steel jaws ensure no corrosion resistance and edge retention gives you several cuts for multiple usages under any conditions.

Key features:

  • Powder-coated steel jaws offer efficient cutting
  • Bi-material anti-slip gripping
  • Provides more control and comfort
  • The cutting capacity is 6mm HRC
  • Ideal for cutting harder bolts, rivets, chains, and soft metals
  • Classic lever fulcrum design
  • Easy to use
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Lever action design
  • Plastic coated handle
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Good value for money
  • Small enough to fit in a toolbox
  • Collapse and unfolds in seconds
  • The handle is too stiff and thick

Users score: 4.4/5

Personal opinion: No matter how hard the padlocks or bike chains are, with this bolt cutter at your side you can quickly break it easily in just one cut. You must buy this one to experience smooth comfort and satisfying work.

3. GUNPLA 18-inch heavy-duty cropper bolt cutter

GUNPLA 18-inch heavy-duty cropper bolt cutter

Heat-treated blades, adjustable jaws, and high leverage

The GUNPLA 18-inch heavy-duty bolt cutter is a spectacular model available in the market that can almost perform any cutting job you can think of. It is considered one of the bolt cutters that people will like it.

It comes with a 32-inch handle and can be used for homes and professional needs in every way possible.

Its price is relatively cheaper than other bolt cutters and has a special kind of quality control to cut locks.

The jaw blades are aligned perfectly so while you cut, the tool will not have to suffer from any chipping issues.

You can expect so much from this bolt cutter once you equipped it for cutting purposes and don’t need to use two hands but rather one hand is enough to channel the power through it.


Its strong high leverage tubular steel won’t twist your hand no matter how much load it’s under.

Users will experience comfort levels thanks to its soft rubber that offers you a single pace and cut through any tough padlocks.

The most recognizable feature this model’s jaws are replaceable and no other bolt cutter offers you that much convenience.

Key features:

  • Made with high-quality drop-forged chrome vanadium steel
  • Allows less effort needed while cutting
  • The tubular steel handle gives maximum leverage and molded grip
  • This bolt cutter ensures less fatigue
  • Works for many hours
  • Can cut through chains, padlocks, wire mesh, threaded rods, fences, and heavy gauge wires
  • Generally comes with a long handle and shorter blade with compound hinges
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Highly versatile
  • High power fulcrum
  • Perfect leverage system
  • Extended longevity
  • Comfortable
  • Solid build cutter
  • Chipping problems
  • Quality control problems

Users score: 4.5/5

My verdict: If you are struggling with pesky nails that can’t come out that easily, then my friends you can use this model pull-out nails no if they are stuck in walls, or any other.

This is a plus point where you get 2 in 1 bolt cutter that is versatile and reliable with sharp blades. Don’t miss this one at cost.

4. TEKTON 8-inch 3386 bolt cutter

TEKTON 8 inch 3386 bolt cutter

Mini bolt, compound hinges, and comfortable grip

The TEKTON 8-inch bolt cutter can give an astounding blend of slicing execution on account of its chrome-molybdenum sharp edges that are solid, hard, and can hold quite well while utilized.

This model accompanies comfort and a grasp which includes more contact, so people will have the option to keep great control of this instrument most easily.

You can undoubtedly move all your hand power legitimately into this one and permits a decent degree of parity also.

When you talk about lower value, at that point this instrument gives you amazing handling to work non-stop without worrying about the structure of the blade.


When you get your hands on this bolt cutter/shaper you will see that sticking and cutting will be simple.

Those experts who consistently find troublesome undertakings will require incredible accuracy and quality which conveys strong holding.

It has an impressive capacity that is constantly the number one need, where this model offers a protected and agreeable demonstration of the hands because of its materials and could probably work for daily use.

Its small size is a superb benefit and solidness and steel jaws guarantee there is no consumption safe and edge maintenance gives you a few cuts for numerous uses on any condition.

Key features:

  • Powder-covered steel jaws offer proficient cutting
  • Slice through any wire
  • Provides more control and solace
  • Small enough to fit in a toolbox
  • Ideal for cutting harder jolts, bolts, chains, and delicate metals
  • A classic switch support plan
  • Easy to utilize
  • Enjoy Seamless cutting
  • Plastic covered handle
  • Double heated blades
  • Comes in various sizes
  • Reasonable price
  • Weak jaws not for heavy-duty use
  • Lack of high leverage tubular

Users score: 4.3/5

My Sincere verdict: how hard the latches, bulky wires, or bicycle chains are, with this TEKTON bolt cutter next to you can rapidly break it effectively in only one cut.

You should purchase this mini bolt wire cutter to enjoy smooth solace and fulfilling work.

5. RIDGID 14223 model S24 heavy-duty bolt cutter

RIDGID 14223 model S24 heavy duty bolt cutter

Impressive precision, hassle-free cut, and spring-loaded retention

RIDGID 14223 heavy-duty bolt cutters can be a practical addition to your gearbox which is a marvelous model accessible in various sizes that can nearly play out any eliminating position you can consider.

It is viewed as a one-stop solution for cutting needs no matter how hard the padlocks are with this you can feel strong and confident enough to shear any metal.

It accompanies 14-inch handling and can be utilized for homes and expert needs inside and out. Its cost is moderately less expensive than other jolt cutters and has an extraordinary sort of value control to cut locks.

The jaw sharp edges are adjusted immaculately so that while you cut, the device won’t need to experience the ill effects of any breaking issues.

You can expect such a great amount from this bolt wire cutter once you prepared it for cutting requirements and don’t have to utilize two hands instead one hand is sufficient to channel the force through it.


The greater mechanical benefits of its high solid caliber cylindrical steel won’t turn your hand regardless of how much burden it’s under.

Some users will encounter comfort levels on account of its delicate elastic that offers you a single pace and slice through any latches you can think of.

The most unmistakable element this current model’s jaws are replaceable and no other bolt offers you that much comfort with a rubber-coated grip.

Key features: 

  • Made with top-notch chrome vanadium steel
  • Excellent pair of scissors
  • Allows less exertion required while cutting
  • Nicely balanced
  • Tubular steel handle gives the most extreme influence and formed a grasp
  • Works for a long time
  • Can slice through chains, locks, wirework, strung poles, wall, and overwhelming wires
  • Generally accompanies long handle and shorter cutting edge with compound pivots
  • Can cut through a soft, medium, and hard metal
  • Highly adaptable
  • High power support
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Perfect influence framework
  • The extended life span of blades
  • Comfortable
  • Solid manufacturing
  • Requires significant hand strength
  • Too much expensive

Users score: 4.1/5

My own decision: If you are facing troublesome padlocks that can’t turn out that moved or cut, at that point you can utilize this RIDGID bolt cutter model to draw out the full power of it stuck in dividers the way you want them to.

This one is adaptable and solid with sharp cutting edges which will impress you easily with its multiple uses. Don’t let it slip from your eyes and buy it now.

Buying Guide

How to choose the best bolt cutter for locks 2023?

There are many things you might need to consider while choosing the best bolt cutter. However, if the price is not an issue then you will see so many options and select depending on your needs.

We all know that a bolt cutter is a necessary tool that can be used daily and if you pick any wrong one then you will end up being disappointed with the worst performance.

So it is always wise to judge before you open your wallet and buy the best bolt cutter. Here are some main factors you need to pay attention such as,

1) Blade quality

Determining the blade quality should be your main concern because it will show the overall performance of a bolt cutter. The stronger the blade the more efficient it will be in working.

If you are searching for ultimate performance then you should look for a steel-made blade, a bolt cutter must be forgotten in the hardened edge so it will work for a long time.

2) Handle

While buying a bolt cutter you need to make sure the handle is comfortable and hold on to the cutting items perfectly.

If the handle slips then this can lead to several injuries and accidents.

Always pick up a bolt cutter that has a non-slip surface and a long handle. Long handles certainly provide more leverage and aluminum-made handle is easy to more. So decide the type of handle that offers convenience.

3) Weight

A bolt cutter needs to be lightweight and portable. If you choose one with a short handle, it can be heavy, but if you pick up a long-handled bolt cutter that will be efficient and lightweight.


How Bolt Cutters Can Cut Through Objects?

Bolt cutters are common tools that can cut through heavy gauge wires and padlocks that are 50 to 60 pounds. Having a lever system bolt cutter will allow users to cut through effortlessly even tough objects like steel padlocks and much more.

What other projects bolt cutters are suitable for besides cutting bolts?

Bolt cutters can easily transform from 60 to 4500 pounds with the force of jaws. They are ideal for cutting through-hardened and tough materials bolts and much more like:
Threaded rods
Heavy gauge wires
Bicycle chains
Wire shelving


These are some interesting facts about the Best bolt cutters for locks that are mentioned above, to make it easy for you to get amazing buying tips. They can solve all your problems and easily carefully get clean cuts.

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