best plasma cutters under $300

Best Plasma Cutters under $300

A plasma cutter is a cutting tool used to cut the metal materials to build some things.  This device helps cut the metal like aluminum brass, steel, copper, stainless steel, and other desired material.  The cutter takes input power that allows you to cut the conductive material.  At large scale and industrial applications, the plasma cutter is cost-effective and useful technology. Plasma cutters work by sending an electric arc through the gas.

Due to the increase in demand, every person is just wondering for the Best Plasma Cutters Under $300. But the cutter price is higher than the expectation that leads to the lower cutter sale. So, you don’t need to be worried. If you want to get the best plasma cutter that is high in quality and low in cost, then you are at the right place. Here are the complete details of Best Plasma Cutters Under $300. These plasma cutters get a remarkable name in the market due to the fine and elegant work.

Top 10 Best Plasma Cutters under $300 (Budget Cutters)

CORAL CUT50 50 Amp Plasma Cutter
CORAL CUT50 50 Amp Plasma Cutter
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Amico CUT-50 Plasma Cutter
Amico CUT-50 Plasma Cutter
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Prime Weld Portable Plasma Cutter
Prime Weld Portable Plasma Cutter
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S7 50A Inverter DC Inverter Plasma CutterS7 50A Inverter DC Inverter Plasma CutterCheck On Amazon
SUNCOO Portable Plasma CutterSUNCOO Portable Plasma CutterCheck On Amazon
SunGold CUT50 Plasma CutterSunGold CUT50 Plasma CutterCheck On Amazon
VIVOhome Portable DC Inverter Plasma CutterVIVOhome Portable DC Inverter Plasma CutterCheck On Amazon
LOTOS LT5000D Plasma CutterLOTOS LT5000D Plasma CutterCheck On Amazon
Display4top DC Inverter Plasma CutterDisplay4top DC Inverter Plasma CutterCheck On Amazon
DEKOPRO Plasma CutterDEKOPRO Plasma CutterCheck On Amazon

Reviews & Buying Guide

  1. CORAL CUT50 50 Amp Plasma Cutter

CORAL CUT50 50 Amp Plasma CutterCut 50-amp plasma cutter made with high-quality material with the use of advanced technical powers.  It gives perfect cutting of different metals with high absorbability. So, you don’t need to smooth the surface after using this plasma cutter.  This is the Best Plasma Cutter Under $300 that comes with 90-260 voltage with a current range of 20-50 amps.

Its maximum cutting thickness is 20mm. Due to the LCD digital display, it is very convenient to use and carry. It is used to cut stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel, copper, and other materials. Plasma cutter 50 amps pass the 12 high-temperature test that means it will never be useful in a cold, warm, and dusty environment.

  • Dual Voltages

This plasma cutter can plug and play at different places without any external conversion plug. It can automatically adapt the input power of 90V-260V. Its faster supply will make it consumable and easier for the user.

  • Energy Efficiency

This cuter works faster that increases 30% efficiency rather than any other. Due to the impressive durability, it gains positive responses from the user ends.  It is very useful in operating.

  • Portable Design

This machine comes with a portable handle and LCD that work fast and adequate. No other steps are required when this cutter is available. Due to the latest design, its cutting thickness is 1-20 mm, and a more effective cutting thickness is 10 mm.

  • Quality Guaranteed

Many plasma cutters are best in the working, but they are unable to give the long-time guarantee. At the same time, this cutter comes with a 3 years warranty that is enough for long-term use.

  • No external plugs are needed.
  • It was passed from 12 high-temperature tests.
  • It comes with accessories.
  • The duty cycle is 80%.
  • Long term use will affect performance.
  • Comes with less customer support.
  1. Amico CUT-50 Plasma Cutter

Amico CUT-50 Plasma CutterThis Cut-50 dual voltages plasma cutter is found as the best plasma cutter with high-performance abilities. This cutter comes with all essential accessories which are needed for welding and cutting work. The main reason is every place is designed with different types of plugs.  You can quickly get the plug according to your place. Because of the high-quality torch design, this cutter makes the work easier and convenient. This plasma cutter comes with the manual cutting system. It offers a digital control system with high efficiency and low effort.

  • Non-pilot Arc Machine

This is the non-pilot arc machine under a low budget. This cutter non-pilot feature is amazing. You have to touch the metal nozzle to get it started.  Because of this specification, this plasma cutter is fine for everyone. Either he is a professional and a new person.

  • Auto Voltages

Its auto voltages function helps in automatically adapting the voltages between 110V and 220V.  Means it has an auto voltage specification system that help cut stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel and other materials.

  • Less Maintenance Cost

Cut-50 pro plasma cutters demand less cleanliness, less maintenance, and fewer fire hazards. You can use it for a long time with clear cut efficiency. Due to the less maintenance cost, it offers the best working.

  • Thickness of The Metal

This cutter design is impressive and innovative that gives a new look to the user.  It cut the thickness of ¾ inches, and the peak severe thickness is 1.0 inches.  This product weight is 21.56 Ibs, and product size is 17.91×7.87×13.86 inches.

  • High-performance portable machine.
  • It offers clean cutting and less maintenance.
  • Auto village ability to cut different materials.
  • Suitable for small scale operations.
  • It comes with a low current arc.
  1. Prime Weld Portable Plasma Cutter

Prime Weld Portable Plasma CutterPrime weld is the best plasma cutter at a low price. This inexpensive plasma cutter is the best choice for the home, workshop, building construction, and other conductive materials.  It is an inverter-based plasma cutter that is light in weight and portable. It is an all-around good machine that performs many functions at fewer prices.

This cutter includes state of the art MOSFET transistors with dual voltages abilities 110-220V. Plasma weld comes with six air hose connections: four clamps, and two air hose couplers.  This cutter’s weight is 22.5 Ibs with dimensions of 12”H X 6” W X 15” L. You can easily carry it at any place without any problems. It comes with a 1-year valid warranty card that you can avail of within the time.

  • High Speed

This DC plasma cutter is cut finer material archer than any other DC cutter at maximum thickness.  This cutter works with fast speed and is cheaper as compared to other cutters. Cut faster with less deterioration of any piece.

  • Optimized Design

Its MOSFET transistor requires less maintenance and cleaning cost.  You will get the over clean cuts with less cleaning requirements. Prime weld economically best cutter is used for multi tasks like TIG, stick welding, and plasma cutter.

  • Quality of Cuts

This plasma cutter can handle the maximum thickness of ½ inches and cuts ¾ inches with clear cuts.  It is a user-friendly cutter with 9.9 inches cutting torch that makes the work fine and efficient.

  • Automatic Dual Voltages

The automatic dual voltages 110-220V can easily be used in the home and other places without any voltage problems. It is very portable, easy to carry, and user friendly from all aspects.

  • The multipurpose machine at a very low price.
  • It comes with 9.9 inches of drag torch technology.
  • Wight weight, portable, and easy to carry.
  • Offers air hose connection with clippers.
  • Only one-year warranty.
  • The maximum cut setting is very less.
  1. S7 50A Inverter DC Inverter Plasma Cutter

S7 50A Inverter DC Inverter Plasma CutterThis cutter helps to cut the cooper, mild steel, and alloy steel. It can cut the surface of ½ inches and cut the rusty and painted metal surfaces as well if you are searching for an affordable cutter, then get this plasma cutter that comes with multi parts and a valid warranty.

Many plasma cutters require a strong battery connection for long time work. But you don’t need to use external battery because it not has a battery option. This cutter can cut the maximum thickness of ½ inches, and it is used for many applications like sheet metal fabrication for repairing and maintenance.

  • Portable Cutter

This is one of the best and reliable and perfect cutters for use. This cuter will never require any battery systems. This portable plasma cutter is used to cut the stainless-steel surface with fine cuts.

  • Multi Performance

This plasma cutter comes with better quality and long consumable life. It can cut the rough painted material as well as best for the sheet fabrication material.

  • Light Weighted

Plasma Cutter 50 Amp weight is 21.3 Ibs and the dimension is 15.35 X 6.29 X 12.99 inches. User can easily carry this plasma cutter from one place to another because it is highly portable.

  • Digital Inverter

Its dual-frequency is 110-220V. This cutter gives high-quality cuts due to the auto voltage specifications. So, avail this with a 3 years long time warranty as one of the best systematic devices.

  • Light in weight with dual voltage cutters.
  • Portable cutter without additional battery.
  • Cut Rusty metals with drag torch technology.
  • Compact design with a one-year warranty.
  • Torch quality is not good.
  • Only Six-foot ground lead.
  1. SUNCOO Portable Plasma Cutter

SUNCOO Portable Plasma CutterSUNCOO machine is designed with unique and elegant techniques. It is known as the new thermal cutting equipment that works based on compressed air as a working gas.  When the partial metal is cut, the high-speed cutter airflow will blow off the melted metal to clean the surface quickly.

This cutter air requirement is 60-70 PSI with 110-220V electrical input. Its weight is 25.4 Ibs, and it is light in weight and easy to carry. It is an outstanding cutter with a maximum performance that can be used for many surfaces with longer connectivity with dimension 15.6” L X 6.1” W X 9.8” H.  This plasma cutter is most stable and efficient.

  • Control Panel with Cutting Torch

It is 85% efficient with high-quality cutting torches that give clean and clear cuts with power pilot lamps.  Its rear nozzle comes with an LCD digital display to control and manage all the work. You can easily choose and set the seconds that can blow the air while cutting the surface area.

  • Heat Dissipation

The heat dissipation will help to reduce the temperature of the environment while cutting any material. Overcurrent protection and over village rotation, the SUNCOO plasma cutter gives strong heat dissipation.

  • Easy to Use

SUNCOO offers an easy fixation setup that will never require a professional and expert person. So, you can easily set it. This cutter heat production zone is smaller as compared to any other plasma cutter.

  • Dual Voltages

Its dual voltages feature is helpful in the easy to set steps. This plasma cutter automatically adopts the input voltages of 110-220V. Because of the dual voltages, this device is best for all types of machinery use for cutting.

  • High-quality heat dissipation plasma cutter
  • Efficient, portable with dual voltages.
  • Comes with a cutting torch and control panel.
  • Easy to carry and affordable.
  • Its cutting thickness capacity is low.
  • Low warranty life.
  1. SunGold CUT50 Plasma Cutter

SunGold CUT50 Plasma CutterSunGlod power is another one best plasma cutters that is also mentioned as the low-cost plasma welder. This cutter price is very less as compared to its working mechanism. In this range, you can never get the best cutter like Sun Gold Power Air. This cutter is 5- amp with an LCD option that gives the voltages types and usage information. This company offers a full-time warranty system.

Either welder gets any difficulty that is not a common thing. This machine weight is 25 pounds, and the dimension is 17.6 X 15.7 X 9.9 inches when the current air pressure is starting to pass, its light indicator will keep the update regarding the current operating condition. Its IGBT display helps in saving the energy and noise as well as gives a smooth cutting surface.

  • IGBT Inverter with Digital Display

IGBT inverter gives soft switch smart digital display. To get the current and air pressure updates, its light indicator gives a fast response.  The user can easily get updates over the unit conditions.

  • Strong Interference Resistance

Its strong resistance will provide a safe and smooth current flow that gives fast cutting of the material. SunGlod comes with a waterproof shield to come over the chances of electric shock.

  • Easy to Operates

Some plasma cutters are unable to handle and give false cutting results. This cutter gives satisfactory results based on different cutting materials and demands. It is easy to operate and adjust according to the material and customer needs.

  • Power

It can cut the material at 1/2” inches, including metal like Cooper, iron, and steel. . Most of the time it gives option if 110-220 and 220-240 input. With one knob and button, the user can set the machine and start cutting the material.

  • Stability

SunGlod works without any battery requirements. This is the most stable machine that gives peak current ranges, switching speed, temperature drift, and response time: heat dissipation option, different level of switching, and isolation.

  • Compact design with LCD
  • Adjustable with 10-50 output.
  • Dual voltages option with a plug adaptor
  • Give smooth and clear cuts.
  • Sometimes suffer in electric failure
  • No standoff and drag out the technology.
  1. VIVOhome Portable DC Inverter Plasma Cutter

VIVOhome Portable DC Inverter Plasma CutterVIVO home plasma cutter is another one inexpensive and reliable cutter for everyday use this cutter comes with multiple options with dual voltages system. So, the user can easily set power according to the requirements. The voltages of this plasma cutting machine are easily adjusted, and you need to follow the fitting mechanisms. This cutter is widely used to cut materials like stainless steel, alloy, mild steel and copper.

Its non-pilots arc torch makes the work reliable and faster. Its torch needs in touch with the work piece to perform the cuts. The non-pilot arc will put certain limits of conveniences and versatility. Its weight is 23 lbs., and the warranty is one year longer. This machine has a shoulder strap that you do not need to carry it in hand.

  • LCD Display

This is the highlighted feature of this cutting machine that comes with a bright and large LCD that makes it easy to read. Due to the LCD, this cutter can be used for many sheet fabrications with LCD overviews.

  • Versatile in Use

This VIVO Home offers a wide variety of applications, and it will cut many materials that may not be possible with any other plasma cutter under this range. Due to high versatility, it is portable and convenient for use

  • Light Weight with Latest Technology

Due to the light in weight, it is easy to carry and pick at any place. This lightweight cutter will work over a long time. This specification of the latest technology will increase the efficiency of 30% and help reduce the weight and dimension of the main transformer.

  • Amperage

This plasma cutter comes with a 20-50 Amp power output that helps cut about the ¾ inches deep. It comes with a 50 Hz frequency that identifies the step-down voltages and rectifies current.

  • The excellent machine at a low price
  • Comes with convenient shoulder strap and auto voltages adjustment,
  • Light in weight and portable.
  • 60 % duty cycle.
  • Comes with 3 feet short power cord.
  • It is consumable quite quickly.
  1. LOTOS LT5000D Plasma Cutter

LOTOS LT5000D Plasma CutterLOTOS is a durable plasma cutter that is mostly used for the constructive, building materials and ideal for the home.  This plasma cutter comes with the handle that makes the work reliable and gives full relaxation to the hands. Its torch light will handle the heavy metal cutting and give a straightforward way to cut the material. It allows the ½” cutting thickness.

If you have a smaller compressor, then do not need to worry. Its pressure gauge works surprisingly in any condition.   This cutter machine is compact in the designing that is 15 X 6 X 12 inches and weight 22.5 Ibs with Hobart air force of 40i. Its packing includes the plasma torch, air regulator, ground cable and clamp, air hose, and air connection. This is a 50-amp digital inverter air plasma cutter.

  • Dual Voltages

The dual voltage specification will allow the machine to work directly without any adjustment. So, this cutter comes with dual voltage abilities that give a highly durable performance over a long time. Its voltages are 110-220V.

  • Air Plasma Cutter

The air plasma cutter is suitable with many materials. As compare to any other cutter cutting, its ox hydrogen cutting is much safer, faster, and reliable than any other.  This cutter is low in cost and easy to use.

  • Pilot Arc

Its pilot arc work amazingly to cut the rough and tough surface within the time.  This is worth mentioning best plasma cutters that is cheaper and faster than using any other cutter machine to cut the multiple materials at the time.

  • ½” Clean Cut

This plasma cutter comes with a portable handle for the cutting that is no hazardous. The LOTOS is a reliable choice for the home DIY work and small objectives. It is 30% efficient as other cutters.

  • Great cutting capacity and easy to use.
  • Compact and lightweight designing.
  • Gives efficient and clean cuts on different materials.
  • Ground clamps and cable
  • Comes with a one-year warranty.
  • It is not best for heavy-duty dust.
  1. Display4top DC Inverter Plasma Cutter

Display4top DC Inverter Plasma CutterThe display 4top plasma cutter is highly suitable for a wide range of applications. This is an electric inverter welder machine that can be sued for sheet fabrication procedures as well.  On the other hand, this display 4top invertor cutter comes with highly suitable, resistance, and power-saving performance. This is a more economical, traditional, and time-saving machine.

Its dual voltages 110-220V ability allows the plasma cutter to operate with desired voltages for the high and smooth cutting. This compact plasma cutter comes with a comfortable handle and torch design that makes the task suitable at different places. Many plasma cutters are just good by appearance, but they never come with the protected deigning. But display 4top solid construction makes it reliable to use for a long time without any disturbance.

  • Highly Efficient and Energy Saving

This plasma cutter machine gives a more stable performance at different materials. Its high duty cycle will lead to less power consumption. Due to the energy-saving, high speed, and high-temperature performance, this is a reliable cutter.

  • Safe Design

This display 4top cutter has built-in heat protection, over voltages protection, under voltages protections, and able to prevent any hurting during the work.

  • Dual Voltages with Wide Applications

This cutter can automatically recognize the cutting voltages. This plasma cutter work on 110-220 dual voltages without any noise creation. It comes with a handle, torch design, ducting work, repair and maintenance services, and 85% efficiency.

  • Performance

This is the only one best plasma cutter that is suitable for DIY operations and fulfills the demands of professionals. Its weight is 35 Ibs, and the dimension is 46 X 27 X 35 cm.  Its maximum cutting thickness is 12 mm with 85% efficiency.

  • Automatically adjust the voltages.
  • Include torch and comfortable handle for the full grip.
  • Comes with standard and auto cutting features.
  • A lot of performance at a low price.
  • Not best for heavy-duty use.
  1. DEKOPRO Plasma Cutter

DEKOPRO Plasma CutterStick welding is the most popular operation in the welding industry that demands some high-quality welder. This welding technique can be used at commercial and non-commercial platforms.  At the same time, with this welding tool, you can experience many advantages of the MMA welding process. Dekpro is compact in structure and durable in the characteristic that comes with multiple solid frames and handles.

Due to the compact design, it is easily suitable for the home and outside works.  It will overcome from an overload of current conditions and improves welding efficiency.  This is widely suing for automobile manufacturing, metal processing, plumbing work, site work, high-quality welding, and precision welding.

  • Compact and Robust Design

This is a compact design machine with excellent performance.  This welder comes with metallic silver steel finishing that protects the motor ad welding materials. This sturdy machine will give consistent results over several months.

  • Easy to Transport

In the welding industry, efficiency and reliability is the most important thing, so when you have this welding machine doesn’t need to think about how to carry it. It is easy to carry a job and home site without any tension. It is portable with high strength handle.

  • Excellent Performance

This premium quality machine is high in performance as compared to premium competitors. Its maxm8m duty cycle is 60%, which avoids frustration.  It works perfectly with 6013, 6011 and 7018 welding rods.

  • Dimensions

This cutter weight is 12.1 Ibs, and the dimension is 11.4 X 4.92 X 7.87.  This cutter voltage is automatically adjusted to give the stable output current ranges. The Dekpro is one of the stick welders with high performing edges and affordable price.

  • Energy-efficient and durable with built-in quality.
  • Extremely light in weight and portable
  • It comes with all-important accessories.
  • Sometimes the electronic rods are break during the welding.


Buying Guide

You do not need to pick the random cutter for the use. Something’s it’s important to consider or find some best features and specification in a machine. So here are the guidelines that you must need to know before buying a plasma cutter.

  • Plasma Cutter Thickness

To know the cutter thickness is most important. So, make sure the plasma cutter which you chose will able to cut the thickness at the maximum level, at the same time consider the thickness of your material.

  • Portability

Some plasma cutters are unable to move from one place to another one. They come with high weight materials. So, the cutter you want to buy is portable and easy to carry a job and home site. Do not need to choose that cutter, which is difficult enough to move.

  • Material it Handle

As we know that different plasma cutters handle the different materials. Like alloy, stainless steel, sheet fabrication, iron, copper, and many others. You need to know the cutter specifications, either which type of material it will handle.

  • Secured Connection

Select the plasma cutter that offers a secure connection, many plasma cutters come with protected silver covering, and many are not. So, you must consider the secured connection.

  • Price

First of all, you need to set your price. Go through your budget and set a plasma cutter’s price, you will surely get under that price.  On the other hand, choose that cutter which works excellent under with low price.

  • Warranty

For the best selection of the cutter, the warranty checkout is another essential factor. The plasma cutter comes with different warranty duration. Some come in a short time warranty and a long time. Choose that one which works perfectly with a longtime warranty system.


Final Verdict

The Best Plasma Cutter under $300 details, as mentioned above. These cutters are surprisingly the best choice that is light in weight and convenient for long time use. Sometimes the person needs the cuter, which can perform the heavy tasks in low time and price. So for this purpose you can surely select one of these cutting machines. All these provide a remarkable cutting capacity.

The digital display of some plasma cutters is helpful to read the power usage on front panel and note the pressure gauge.  All mentioned cuter are different, But all are the best and excellent in the performance. Must go the complete details, specifications, pros, and cons; this will give you the fastest selection of the plasma cutting machine you require.

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