Best Walk Behind Brush Cutters

A brush cutter is a tool used to cut through the overgrown grass, brush, and weeds. Walk-behind brush cutters have remarkable resilience and power to clear out a large space. It can cut a large surface area in a short time and, in a professional way, necessary to make the moving process easy and comfortable.

Require small effort because of its excellent durability and strength, tough and strong material. It is a product that’s not requiring extra maintenance. Any other machine or tool can’t perform the same function due to its well-built and sturdy nature. Its versatile design allows carrying out multiple tasks.

Almost suitable for everyone because use for heavy-duty tasks. Use for both large and small garden and offers excellent control and mowing power. It is also known as a brush cutter, helps to done large tasks quickly. Buying one walk behind brush cutter removes the need to purchase different gadgets for different purposes.

11 Best Walk Behind Brush Cutters

If you are looking for the best walk behind brush cutter for any of your purposes, here are the review, features, pros, and cons of some best product to select the more suitable one.

  1. Green Works Cordless & Brushless Lawn Mower

GREEN WORKS CORDLESS & BRUSHLESS LAWN MOWERGreen work has brushless motor technology, and it includes in the best walk behind brush cutters due to its quality material and 3 in 1 exciting design. The weight of this item is about 21.6 pounds that prove it lightweight to carry for brush cutting. It’s effortless to start just by pushing a single button. The dimensions of this product are 65.35 x 21.65 x 33.07 inches. Allow for easy storage and not require extra maintenance, gas, or oil for proper working. Provide the same power as a gas-powered brush cutter, so accept it due to its battery power.


  • Quality of Wheels

It is built with high-quality wheels to push on every type of surface as 8 inches front wheel and 10 inches rear wheel. The tool allows for seven-position height adjustment according to the brush or grass length.

  • Easy to attach

It does not have many small pieces for attachment, as it takes a few minutes to assemble completely. Almost fulfil all needs with excellent efficiency and durability.

  • Power source

The power source of this brush cutter is a 5AH battery with 40v power. It just takes 180 minutes to charge fully and work for up to 60 minutes. One of the brush cutter with a longer working life offer extra torque and less noise.

  • 3 in 1 function

The more exciting feature is it’s 3 in 1 design that allows discharging cutting grass in 3 different ways as side discharge, a rear bag, or a mulcher. One battery can easily power all tools of the cutter.

  • Start-up instantly and very light weighted
  • Have brushless motor technology
  • 60 minutes run time
  • Not require multiple batteries
  • Short time warranty
  1. EARTHQUAKE M205 Trimmer Walk Behind String Mower

EARTHQUAKE M205 Trimmer Walk Behind String MowerIt’s effortless to use, cut through the tall grass, heavy weeds, and brush with powerful blades—design with Single piece deck style to reduce vibration and lighten the weight. Reduce strain and fatigue on the user back. Have a knob for easy adjustment and a tool-less handlebar. Twenty-two inches cutting swath fastens the cutting process, Built with a four-stroke engine to increase power. Simple to start just by a single pull and foldable for convenient storage. This tool’s dimension is 22.15 x 34.8 x 21 inches, and weight is about 60 to 63 pounds.


  • Versatile and Convenient
    A tool-less handlebar design proves it convenient and efficient as it helps for transportation and compact storage. Use for cutting, mowing, and trimming brush, weeds, grass. It has more than five years warranty.
  • Noiseless, Powerful Engine
    150cc 4-Cycle Viper engine has enough power to cut through several thick and stubborn weeds just by a single try. Produce less vibration and noise while cutting.
  • Maneuverable
    Fourteen inches lengthy wheel make it easy to float over tall weeds, brush, and uneven ground. It’s effortless to push this mower on every type of foliage that is challenging to cut through other traditional devices.
  • Performance
    It is a high-quality walk behind brush cutter with outstanding performance. Cutting head stops cutting automatically when the user hand off the engagement handle and does not need to switch off the engine specifically.
  • A durable and easy to use products
  • The power source of this tool is a 150cc four-stroke Viper engine
  • Produce less vibration
  • Show out of the box performance
  • Have a long time warranty
  • Heavy than few others
  • Best for lighter foliage or brush
  1. Remington RM1159 Walk-Behind String Trimmer

Remington RM1159 Walk-Behind String TrimmerRemington RM1159 has 159cc OHV Gas Engine. Easy to use at a hard to reach the place because of its unique shape. After using the machine, the user can fold the handle and store it anywhere. Have an excellent cutting quality with the least maintenance. It prevents grass clipping from flying around the machine. Engine not built up the heat even use for many hours continuously.

Slice or cut easily through long grass and weeds. Not need to replace its parts regularly. A highly affordable device with excellent safety features. The best way to save time, money, and space. The estimated adjustable cutting height is 2.375inches – 4.375inches. Accessories included with the machine.


  • Design and Style

Design according to the latest technology to easier the changes. Easy to change the cutting height of the machine according to the needs. The weight is about 78 pounds—durable and efficient tool for easy storage and use.

  • Gas Engine

A more powerful gas engine helps to the done job quickly and requires less strength. 150cc 4-cycle gas power engine has enough power for both difficult and easy task. Value your money.

  • Cutting Width

The cutting width or diameter of this brush cutter is about 22 inches. That will help you to clear out the large surface area at once. And cut through the toughest and thick plants.

  • Quality of Wheels

The wheel is made with highly movable material to move through the uneven and rough surface smoothly. 14inches ball wearing wheels for remarkable maneuverability. Cut through the grass and brushes from the corner.

  • Use for all gardening needs
  • The loop handle provides a comfortable grip
  • 22inches is its cutting diameter
    Very user friendly
  • A powerful four-cycle gas engine
  • Not as much sturdy as it should be
  1. Yard Force Mower Torque-Sense Cutter

Yard Force Mower Torque-Sense CutterOne fully charged battery can run for up to 100 minutes without getting spoil, and it takes 30 minutes to charge completely. Once you use this walk behind brush cutter for any cutting purpose, it will make your first choice forever. Self-propelled and torque sense technology increases its worth.

The cutter moves the clipping material to the side-discharge bag, and it’s straightforward to empty the bag. Have a multiple-use or multi-purpose adjustable deck and a lot of extra features and benefits. Show high-level performance for grass, weeds, shrub, and brush cutting.


  • Cutting Speed

It offers more control to the user as it allows adjusting cutting speed according to the task’s complexity by touching the lever with hand. Produce perfect and equal cuts without putting extra effort into it.

  • Torque Sense Automation

It allows using much power that a user needs to cut heavy material and save energy when it doesn’t require; in this way, it increases the working hours of the battery. Make the cutting process straightforward and straightforward.

  • Power of Battery

2.5Ah x 2 Lithium-Ion batteries allow adding in it because built with dual battery port. A charged battery can work for more than 100 minutes. If one battery discharges fully, then it automatically starts working on the 2nd battery. The power of the machine is 120v.

  • Quality Material

It is made with high-quality material, advanced technology, and built with a brushless electric motor. Have a compact and sturdy design with 22inches durable steel deck. Have a low price in comparison to features.

  • Self-propelled
  • Longer run time
  • The power source is a lithium-ion battery
  • Start by push button
  • Made with quality material
  • Heavier brush cutter
  • Expensive
  1. Southland 2 Cycle Wheeled String Trimmer

Southland 2 Cycle Wheeled String TrimmerIt includes one of the best walks behind brush cutter due to its perfectness, efficiency, durability, power, strength, and mobility. 2 cycle string trimmer mower offers more than 35% torque compared to other traditional brush cutters. Provide precise and perfect trimming in different areas.

Weight is just about 39 pounds, and dimensions are 52 x 16 x 40 inches. This brush cutter’s cutting swath is about 17inches that is better and higher than many other devices. Twelve inches wheel allows for easy maneuverability, and adjustable height allows for easy storage. Move quickly in a straight and curved line.


  • Head Swivels and Bevels

It allows the user for a 20-30 degree trimmer head swivel adjustment to provide an excellent look for fences and walls. On the other side, it has 5 to 10-degree trimming head bevels for precise and accurate edge trimming.

  • Adjustable Handle Height

Easy to adjust the handle height for short term and long term tasks. Adjust the handle at the angle that users find more comfortable and reduce fatigue. Comes with a space-saving edge and blower attachment.

  • Dual String sizes

Dual string options allow adjusting the string size according to the task as the trimmer head’s string size varies from 0.095inches and 0.105 inches. It is known for its versatile and convenient nature.

  • Length of Wheel

Twelve inches lengthy wheel help user to use for both rough and smooth place, it makes it easy to carry the machine from one place to another. More comfortable to cut through the thicker, heavier, and rugged terrain.

  • Easy to use with 100% efficiency
  • Very affordable
  • Reduce fatigue and strain
  • 43cc 2-cycle engine use in it
  • Multi-purpose features
  • Some find it difficult to use
  1. BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 String Trimmer & Lawn Mower

BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 String Trimmer & Lawn MowerBlack + decker are a perfect match for all gardening need. Include in the best of all product for brush and grass cutting. Its 3 in 1 feature remove need to buy different products for the other gardening task. The power source of this walk behind brush cutter is corded electric.

It was non-stop working because of its automatic feed spool system. Provide great comfort and control. Built with four wheels and the cutting swath is about 12inches. Convert from trimmer to edger just by rotating the machine.


  • Amperage Power

6.5 amp motor perform well in every situation with an outstanding balance and without bumping. These types of machines prevent bogging down. Offers maximum performance while cutting the overgrowing plants.

  • 3 Tools in 1

Its 12 inches 3-in-1 strong mower allows changing from the trimmer to mower to edger. The formal power or battery voltage is 18v, and the maximum voltage of the battery is 20v. The size of the brush cutter is 15.31 x 36.56 x 7.38 inches.

  • Cutting Height

Cut through the 1.6 inches to 2.4 inches tall grass easily. Users are free to adjust the height and position of the handle. 4 hours is its charge time at 100% and at 60% its charging time is about two and a half hours.

  • Light Weighted

It’s a very light weighted product to use for any purpose, as the overall weight is about 13.1 pound that proves it much more lightweight than all other products of this category.

  • 3in 1 corded mower tool
  • 5 Amp is its motor power
  • Use for tall grass, thick brush and weeds
  • Longer battery life
  • Very lightweights and affordable
  • Not have as status in the market as it should be
  • Just 12 inches cutting swath
  1. EGO Power+ Cordless Lawn Mower

EGO Power+ Cordless Lawn MowerEGO 21 inches offers the fastest charging, excellent durability and working time. It is powered by arc lithium technology to increase its strength. It is a 67.7-pound Self-propelled brush cutter with various speed settings and easy startup by pushing a button. Have anti-vibrating handle for comfort and easy start.

Battery voltage is 56v, and cutting width is 20.5 to 21 inches. It will not disappoint you ever; instead fulfil your all gardening needs with remarkable comfort, durability and long-lasting power. It has 21 inches cut capacity. Superior strength makes mowing effortless.


  • Advance Design

Foldable feature for easy storage and control. Adjustable deck height feature allows user to cut weeds or grass at any length. Easy folding, convenient design, lightweight and hassle-free construction helps it to deliver superior power.

  • Quality of Battery

High-quality arc lithium batteries added in it that take 60 minutes to recharge complete and have 60 minutes run time. Not require to replace the battery regularly means one battery can work for many years.

  • Cutting Capacity

Cut through the grass and brush at six different positions with cutting height adjustment as cut about 1.56 inches to 4 inches tall grass easily.

  • Anti-vibrant and Noiseless

Provide an excellent level torque of gas and work without creating noise and mess for the most rigid cutting. Cut brushes at the smoothest or hardest place with rare vibration or may without vibrating.

  • 60 minutes run time
  • Made with weather-resistant material
  • Have a brilliant LED headlight
  • Use 7.5 Ah battery
  • Save time and reduce fatigue
  • take extra time to charge fully
  1. TAZZ Walk Behind String Trimmer

TAZZ Walk Behind String TrimmerGreat for detailed working in the garden, forest or fields. It’s not a self-propelled device; instead, it is a well-built machine. The engine does not shut off quickly; it mows grass with ease and great for solid weeds. The cutting head of the machine design between the centres of the wheels. Have never kill engine means not to restart the engine.

To complete the cutting task quickly cut swath is 22inches and have a supper touch technology. The perfect tool to save money and time because it has a lot of useful features at such a low price. The heavy-duty nylon line and a one-piece steel deck make it capable of cutting and passing through the thick foliage quickly.


  • Capacity of Engine

150cc 4-cycle engine has enough power for both short term and very long term tasks. Work for many hours continuously without bumping or stop. Clearing up every corner or obstacle in lawn with excellent finishing.

  • Lengthy Wheels

Wheel length is 14 inches that move it from one place to another place without causing a problem. Allow disengaging the cutting of the tool to empty or remove sticks or grass from the cutting path.

  • Easy To Start

Tazz one-piece steel duck is very easy to start just in 1 or 2 pulls and use either for small and tall weeds, grass or brush. Product dimensions are 55 x 21.2 x 38.5 inches, and weight is 81.8 pound.

  • 150cc engine
  • Have three years warranty
  • Pull start
  • Heavy duty and versatile
  • 14 inches Large wheel for tough area
  • Heavy tool for grass or brush cutting
  1. Power Smart 4-Stroke Lawn Mower

Power Smart 4-Stroke Lawn MowerIt is more powerful gas power mower that works on 170cc OHV gas never kill the engine. Power smart is a large size, cordless and powerful tool for maintaining the garden. Weight is just about 60lbs and with 0.40-gallon tank capacity and 16.9 fl.oz is its oil capacity. Allow user to pick string that matches with user needs. Not demand extra care or maintenance. Easy to assemble and push. Dimensions of this brush cutter are 33 x 23 x 16 inches.


  • Adjustable Height

This mower design with five different height adjustments between 1.18 to 3.0 inches. User can easily adjust its height at any position just by pulling or pushing the cutting height adjustment level.

  • Foldable Mower

Folding the cutter is not very easy at this cuter means to take a few seconds to fold the foldable handle. Quick folding help in quick storage to save time and space.

  • Grass Bag And Wheel

Have 3 in 1 discharging feature that helps to prevent grass clipping from flying around the cutter and avoid the messy ground. 18 Gal grass bag capacity. It is built with four wheels to quickly push it without putting extra effort as 8 inches rear wheel.

  • Cutting Width

Twenty-one inches is it cutting width that is enough to cut a large number of weeds, grass or brush at the same time? Its 21 inches steel mower deck helps to complete the complex task quickly.

  • A larger collector bag for grass clippings
  • Allow adjusting height at five different positions
  • 21 inches cutting width
  • Available in low price
  • Lighter than many other devices
  • Little noisy
  1. Swisher Walk Behind Rough Cut Mower

Swisher Walk Behind Rough Cut MowerCut through the up to 1.5 inches thick or heavy saplings. Body made with steel material and some parts made with plastic, but this plastic is unbreakable. With all other features, it has a 4-speed transmission system and reverse system. Have bumps free and non-stop engine that work with better predictability and smoothness.

Swisher WB11524BS walk behind brush cutter have 24 inches deck to deal with difficult situations. Provide great control in the user’s hand. Wheels roll smoothly over the toughest, largest, and roughest land. Overall weight is about 288 pound.


  • Engine

Made with 11.5 horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine, therefore, it is the best brush cutter with durable construction. It’s just caused a little noise or vibration, but it’s not unpleasant.

  • Quality of blade

Quality and robust steel blade cut through the stiff or thick brush with ease. It does not break even use for challenging areas or very dense foliage. Machine cover blade properly to enhance user safety.

  • Adjust cutting depth

Allow to set speed and cutting height. It is a super convenient machine with self-propelled features. Make you’re working easy and comfortable. Offers a wide range of cutting size.

  • Affordable

Like many other walks behind brush cutters, it includes in the inexpensive cutter, but it has many exciting features that prove it better and unique than many other devices. It also has a long time warranty.

  • Adjustable cutting height and depth
  • Highly affordable
  • Have four-speed transmission technology
  • Easy to use and move
  • Not lighter
  1. Southland Outdoor Power 150cc Field Trimmer

Southland Outdoor Power 150cc Field TrimmerIt has an ergonomic design to match with user needs and cut every type of weeds, grass and brushes. It’s effortless to start but not adjustable depth. Twelve inches wheel make it easy to push. It has quad 0.155inches diameter head for line trimming. This brush cutter or trimmer use for overgrown and tough areas with ease and comfort. Foam grip handle reduces fatigue and strain. Provide broad cutting areas. If you desire the best quality brush cutter for fence, lawn, and garden, then it is a perfect device to fulfil your requirements.


  • Cutting Swath

Its cutting range or swath is 21 inches and can easily use for 1.4 inches depth—best for both indoor and outdoor cleaning. Cut grass and brush with a threadlike trimmer head.

  • Easy to Start

Due to the 5.75 ft. torque, powerful 150 cc engines, it’s straightforward to begin as manually start by a recoil start fuel delivering system. Fifty pounds is its weight. Strong engine and outstanding balance for cutting

  • Anti-Vibrating

The easy and comfortable starting proves it a powerful and more useful device. Just work on one preset depth range and have an anti vibrant handle that allows firm grip and precise cutting.

  • 12 inches long wheels
  • Certified by EPA
  • Easy to store by folding
  • Large trimmer head
  • Convenient and compact storage.
  • Limited warranty

Buying Guide

If all other products failed to cut through the brush, then these brush cutters are the right tool to select for different gardening needs. Before investing money on any product, make sure to find all these or combinations of some best factors in a brush cutter.

  • Walk-Behind

Other types of brush cutters use to clearing out larger areas and overgrown brush. It is a perfect brush cutter that fits best according to your needs and cut brush easy just by walking behind the machine and pushing it. High-quality wheels make it capable of cutting brushes quickly and require less effort.

  • Durable

A durable tool is best of all to select for gardening and cleaning. To check the durability and reliably of a product, check its working time and warranty as it is the best way to save your time, money, and strength. Must check the material of blade and shaft used in the cutter to survive a brush cutter for heavy-duty tasks.

  • Electric or Gas

Both types of brush cutters have different and unique features that allow the user to select the most suitable one. Gas power brush cutter work without wires, battery, or any other power source. It just requires a gas cylinder. Electric power brush cutter has two different types as battery power or cordless brush cutter and the other with wires or cord.

  • Start-Up

A brush cutter should be easy to start just in one or two steps. Checks whether it has to pull-start, start by pressing a button, or by plugging wires in the switch. Select a tool with a simple startup process because it makes the cutting process easy, simple enough, reliable, and required less time and effort.

  • Power of Motor

To check its engine and horsepower’s power, check its engine and horsepower, as the more powerful and larger engine is last for longer, capable of cutting thick brushes and creating an outstanding balance while cutting process. 20v to 80v power is enough for both small and large tasks. Also, check the maximum diameter that a brush cutter can be cut.

  • Anti-vibration system

Select a device that can cope with different gardening problems. The selection of vibration and anti-vibration brush cutter depends on the user’s personal preference because most high power cutters have little vibrating features and small engines or less powered have anti-vibration characters. It’s difficult to explain which factor is best to select.

  • Quality of Shaft

A tool with a straight shaft easy to line up with the power source and have more power. It has different attachments and works better than other devices. Bent shaft best for a closure task, but it’s challenging to use for longer and may soon be prone to mechanical problems. 50 to 65 inches distance between the cutting head and motor is enough to prevent the user from fatigue.

  • Blade and Handle

Select a cutter with a high-quality handle and blade. Different machines have different types of edge as it varies the number of teeth in the blade. The larger number of teeth means the blade used for more difficult weeds, grass, and brushes. And a quality handle allows getting a firm grip and proving it more secure for the user.

  • Cutting Width

It is one of the most vital factors to find in a brush cutter as how many brush, grass, plants, and weeds it can cut at a time. A knife with a broad cutting head is best of all for any of your purposes. It helps to cut grass at a wider surface area in a short time and remove the need to buy different devices for a single place.

Some other factors to find in a walk behind brush cutter are,

  • Select a tool with high speed
  • It should be easy to use
  • Warranty and price
  • Should have multi-purpose features

Bottom Line

Walk-behind brush cutter has a high price than other traditional grass cutters or weed cutters, but it also has better and unique features. In simple words, its price is low in comparison to components. This writing will help you find the best brush cutters that work efficiently and have the multifunctional capability. This type of cutters is indeed the view as all in one tool to deal with different kinds of tall grass and weeds.

With reviews of the product, some buying guides will also help you search the right product for the right job. The entire products are available at a low price and offer to complete a difficult task in a short time and require less effort and experience. It will allow you to choose the more budget-friendly, heavy-duty, and light-weighted brush cutter—best for every place as forest, fields, garden, and lawn.


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