best electric brush cutters

Best Electric Brush Cutters

If you have a lot of heavy weeds, bushes, shrubs, and grass in the fields or garden and you feel yourself going through a lot of strings while cutting this heavy foliage with a traditional weed trimmer then it is time to consider an electric brush cutter.

This type of brush cutter has the option of attaching a steel blade that’s easily cut through thick and unnecessary brushes. The user does not need to constantly replace the strings because most electric cutters have a battery or other electric power options.

The brush cutter is a better choice to tackle thick weeds, overgrown grass, and heavy brushes effectively and safely. Electric brush cutters are the most popular choice almost suitable for all gardening requirements, because it is lightweight, easy to use, noise-free, and have large cutting width.

It is a difficult decision to find the right one for the right job but if you’re looking for a good quality electric brush cutter for the garden or fields then it is a perfect place to start. And you are free to choose a powerful tool for the heavy-duty task.

Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best Electric Brush Cutter?

While using a brush cutter, user safety is the most important factor to consider. Because it is a way, users can cut the corners of the outside space without worrying about the reliability of the tool. These guides make it easy to find a quality product, a single tool doesn’t need to have all the good features so try to select a product with a combination of some best properties.

  • Electric Brush Cutter

Electric brush cutters are quite impressive and pleasant to use because it’s easy to use and require less maintenance than others. A high-quality battery increases the working hours of the cutters that why one electric brush cutter is enough for long-term tasks.

  • Cutting Head or Diameter

Make sure to check the cutting diameter of the cutter because a wide cutting head can cover more space at a time. It’s not mean that a big and bulky cutter is suitable for every task rather larger cutting width is suitable for quick cutting.

  • The shaft of the Cutter

The shaft uses to connect the spinning head and engine of the cutter. There are 2 types of shafts bent or straight shaft. It depends upon user preference as both have different features, bent shaft is used for closure tasks, and is recommended for brush cutters but it is easily prone to mechanical problems due to design. Straight-shaft machines have extra power due to a direct connection with the power source.

  • Handle and Blade

A two-handlebar handle design or looped handle are the two types of handles that allow for a strong grip for a long time. Both designs handle the demand for both hands to get complete hold and control over the brush cutter. So both are best and recommended. The blade of the cutter should be sharp enough to deal with the complex cutting task.

  • Durability

With all other features, the durability of the brush cutter is also an important factor to find in it. It should be capable of handling all the gardening needs. To check the durability of the brush cutter you can check the blade material and shaft function. Steel or metallic material brush cutters can work for longer.

  • Easy to start

It should be easy to start a brush cutter just in a few seconds because a long process may be fed up the user quickly. Because most users do not like to wait for their tool to start. Pulling the trigger or press buttons are the best starting options for a brush cutter.

  • Vibration

Make sure to select the perfect tool for clearing out your garden and to select the vibrant and anti-vibrant cutter depending upon the personal choice of the user. Because the electric brush cutter with low motor power may create more vibration than the high-power cutters. So, therefore It’s difficult to recommend which factor is best to select.

  • Weight

Make sure to select the light-weighted brush cutter. Because a heavy one is difficult to start, use, and carry from one place to another. The light weighted brush cutter is very easy to move on the different areas of the land.

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Snapper Cordless Electric String Trimmer
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1. DEWALT 20V MAX Trimmer


One of the best convenient, efficient, durable, and high-quality brush cutters with a lot of extra features as it includes a 20V MAX 5.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery that lasts for longer and not needs to replace regularly. For maximum runtime and motor life, it is built with a highly efficient brushless motor.

DEWALT 20V MAX String Trimmer has a high or low-speed control option that uses for different purposes as the high-speed option is selected for added power for cutting and a low-speed option is chosen to extend the working hours of the cutter. The cutting width of the cutter is 1300 inches.

The weight of the cutter is about 8.5 lbs. The light weighted and compact brush cutter is easy to move through the grass and helps to do more work quickly. Straight type shaft used in this electric brush cutter. It’s very easy to start or stop the brush cutter by pulling the trigger.

The gasless motor power brush cutter is the best source of more power without fumes. Not have a chance of fire hazard because it does not have a spark plug, air filters, and carburetors. It is built with an adjustable and removable handle to adjust it at different positions.

It can easily cut through the overgrown grass because of its 13 in. cutting swath with dual 0.080 inches line. Offers maximum control in the user’s hand and reduces strain and fatigue while working in a garden or other overgrown areas.

The amperage hour of the battery is 5.0 AH and the RPM of the product is 0-4,600 / 0-6,000 rpm. The overall dimensions of the tool are about 67.8 x 10.9 x 8.8 inches with this user can easily cut all the grass and weed from the garden without getting tired.

  • Easy to start
  • Have 2 Speed control options
  • Required less maintenance
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Have 3 years warranty
  • Not a well-balanced tool
  • The cutting head is a little small

2. BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Cordless Electric Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Cordless Electric Trimmer

The more exciting feature of this brush cutter is its 3-1 design that allows users to convert it from trimmer to mower or mower to edge by rotating the head. BLACK+DECKER BESTA512CM is a unique and better brush cutter with a lot of extra features as it has an adjustable handle, adjustable length, and adjustable deck height.

The line diameter of the tool is .065inches. The cutting path is about 12 inches and the cutting height is about 1.6 inches. Allow users to adjust it at the required height according to the cutting task. Dimensions of the product are 15 x 7 x 37 inches.

The power source of the product is electrically corded which requires an electric connection around the machine. Design with the latest technology as an automatic feed spool function of the brush cutter helps users to work continuously because it is not required bumping and does not need to stop the spool.

The amperage power of the motor is about 6.5amp capable to cut or trim through the toughest grass, weeds, and other foliage. The cord retention function of the brush cutter is very helpful to avoid accidental cord disconnection. The RPM of this brush cutter is 8000rpm.

While the edging process wheeled edge guides support to the string trimmer. It is the electric brush cutter that Uses AF-100 string than the mower blades. This cutter shoe has excellent cutting performance at an affordable price. Offer a strong and strain-free long-term grip from everyone.

  • Easily convert from mower to trimmer and trimmer to edger
  • High quality 6.5amp motor
  • To reduce string mess built with the automatic feed spool system
  • cord retentions construction
  • Easy to use and light weighted product
  • Not suitable for large surface area
  • Not have an ideal cutting path

3. Snapper XD 82V Cordless Electric String Trimmer

Snapper XD 82V Cordless Electric String Trimmer

2.0Ah lithium-ion battery brush cutter has the same power as a high-quality gas power brush cutter. Snapper XD 82V MAX has unlimited battery power to deal with small, heavy, and stubborn brushers, weeds, and grass.

Battery power brush cutter has a lot of benefits as it does not require extra maintenance because not need oil, gas, or cord to work properly. Have 1 inches shaft with 16 inches cutting diameter and 0.08 inches dual-line diameter.

82v battery can work up to 40 minutes easily without getting stopped. The weight of the brush cutter is about 19. 76lbs and the power voltage is about 82volt which is higher and better almost than all other products of this category.

It is a more convenient, reliable, efficient, and quiet electric brush cutter. The size of the brush cutter is 39.17 x 9.25 x 9.25 inches. Easy to control by push button and indicator light, it also allows users to adjust the right speed for trimming tasks because it is built with a multi-speed control button.

The versatile machine allows attaching the brush cutter to cut hard brushes and weeds with 3 steel blades and a 10-inch cutting width. Also, Allow attachment of The 90 Degree hedge trimmer with the machine to make it secure and quick to cut hard and overgrown areas.

Have the option to attach a 10inches tilling width and an 8inches steel tines cultivator attachment that allows straightforward cutting. And allow connecting a pole saw or lawn edger for trim branches and clean edges respectively.

  • Versatile brush cutter
  • Run time is up to 40 minutes
  • Have multi-speed control buttons
  • Suitable for long term task
  • Have Dual line bump feed head
  • Highly adjustable
  • Heavier than few others

4. Makita XUX01M5P String Trimmer

Makita XUX01M5P String Trimmer

It is a highly versatile brush cutter because compatible with a lot of attachments according to the cutting task. Makita XUX01M5PT 18V X2 (36V) LXT is an excellent quality brush cutter with a premium power option and attachments. Built with 10 inches cutting head and high torque electric motor for sufficient working.

It has 2- 18v batteries, however, a 36v brush cutter is highly powerful for various cutting and trimming tasks. The weight of the brush cutter is about 17.2 pounds. The length, height, and breadth of the product are 15.25 x 42 x 10.5 inches that are enough to cut a lot of grass at once.

Different from others due to its interesting design and features. Built with 3 different speed options that vary according to the thickness of foliage as the low speed of the cutter is at 4200 RPM, the medium speed is 6000 RPM and the highest speed of this electric brush cutter is 7100 RPM.

It protects the user from flying grass around the machine as it cut grass and weeds quickly. the steel shaft help to lower the risk of vibration while cutting. This type of brush cutter works flawlessly for trimming grass and cutting brushes, and weeds. It’s easy to charge and replace the battery of the tool without worrying about anything.

Have different attachment options for edging, trimming, cultivating, and brush cutting therefore users can attach other shaft attachments effortlessly. The adjustable design made it easy to store anywhere.

  • 3-speed option
  • A best all in one tool
  • Have 2-18 volts batteries
  • Compatible various attachment option
  • Ergonomic design handle allows a comfortable grip
  • 36volt powerful product
  • Affordable brush cutter
  • Just have a 1-year warranty

5. Greenworks 40V Cordless String Trimmer

Greenworks 40V Cordless String Trimmer

Green works 14-Inch 40V Cordless String Trimmer has higher battery efficiency and torque with noiseless operation. One time fully charged battery of a 14 inches string trimmer can work up to 60 minutes. 0.080 dual bumps feed lines. The cutting width of the brush cutter is 1400 inches.

The light-weighted brush cutter is easy to move and allows for smooth operation with less noise. Have various attachment options like pole saw, hedge trimmer, disk blower, cyclone blower, edger, and cultivator. Built with a straight shift style and semi-automatic line feed system.

Have high-quality motor and medium-weight construction that allow for more torque, longer working life, and run time without putting extra effort into it. The Green works 40V Lithium-Ion technology provides reliable performance and a complete cutting or cleaning solution with different compatible tools.

Best of all due to its instant start system. Whether it is trimming, cutting mowing, or even using to prevent debris from blowing away, it is the best of all ways to make life easier with no cords, low maintenance, and no gas. it has a brushless motor with bumps and multiple user capabilities.

Whether for small or heavy-duty tasks It allows continuous operation because of its compact, light-weighted, and well-balanced design it is easy to carry from one place to another. Use to quickly slice through small trees, stubborn weeds, or shrubs.

  • The amperage hours of battery is 40A.H
  • The line diameter of the product is 0.080inches.
  • 14inches cutting width is better than many others
  • The straight shaft is highly durable
  • Suitable for both small and large cutting areas
  • It’s maybe a pricy tool in comparison.

6. Worx WG163 Cordless Electric Brush Cutter

Worx WG163 Cordless Electric Brush Cutter

It is a highly rotatable cutting machine that usually uses for trimming, and edging. The latest design of the machine is capable of easily converting a string trimmer to a wheeled edger. The line diameter of the machine is 0.065 inches and the RPM is 7600.

Include 2 high-quality and light-weighted 20v batteries that increase their strength and durability. WORX WG163 GT 3.0 20V Power Share 12inc easily got to the toughest and overgrown places of a garden field or forest because its head tilts at 90 degrees. The overall dimensions of this product are 36.3 x 7.5 x 5.5 inches.

The better and unique feature of this tool is its push-button feed spool technology that allows great control in user hand quick line feeding. The rubber wheels of the machine help to give support and guidance edgers to produce clean cuts. The cutting diameter of this brush cutter is 12 inches and the cutting line length is 10 inches.

Built with a highly adjustable handle to adjust it at any position that users find comfortable. The weight of the machine with the battery is 5.3 lbs. which is too much light weighted to carry and move through the toughest-to-reach places.

The 2-in-1 tool is the best way to save user time and money because it removes the need to buy a different tool for different purposes. Done its all work with the same battery. With all other areas, it even uses to clean edges in uneven terrains. The adjustable guard of the machine uses to protect the decorative parts of your landscaping.

  • It is a 2 in 1 tool
  • Have 90-degree pivoting head
  • Built with wheel guards
  • Very light weighted
  • Budget-friendly
  • Highly durable and reliable
  • Not have speed control options

7. PowerSmart Cordless String Trimmer

PowerSmart Cordless String Trimmer

The cutting diameter of the product is 10 inches and is built with an auto-feed spool system that allows for quick line feeding. The ergonomic design of the best electric brush cutter minimizes the stress on the user’s hands and maximizes control. Power Smart String Trimmer use for precise cutting and last for longer.

While cutting small or large foliage the light-weighted brush cutter offers a great balance. Built with a 20V battery that has 1.5 Ah amperage power for excellent performance. It just takes 1 hour to charge fully and can work for 30 minutes without being scared. The line diameter of the trimmer and edger is 0.065 inches and the no-load speed is 8200 RPM.

The adjustable handle of the cutter allows adjusting it at 8 different positions. The total weight of the product is just about 7.5 pounds which makes it highly maneuverable. Made with an adjustable handle for a strong grip and quickly change from trimmer to edger. The size of the brush cutter is 24 x 9 x 6 inches according to length, width, and height.

2 in 1 head of the tool tilts around 90 degrees. Have 2 years warranty. The trimmer mode of the product just uses strings for trimming. It’s very easy to assemble the complete product and has great value for user money. A perfect weed cutter with excellent battery life is available at such an affordable price.

  • Fully charged battery in 1 hour
  • Suitable for toughest cutting, trimming, and edging
  • Longer battery life
  • Auto feed spool system
  • 8200RPM better than all other devices
  • Convert from trimmer to edger in few seconds
  • Not have any replacement tool
  • Lower cutting diameter

8. MAXTRA Multifunctional 4 in 1 Cordless Garden tool

MAXTRA Multifunctional 4 in 1 Cordless Garden tool

4 in 1 function of this product is different from almost every other tool. As it uses as a string trimmer, hedge trimmer, brush cutter, and gas-powered pole chain saw. 42.7cc 2-cycle engine has enough power for the different cutting tasks. The MAXTRA 42.7cc 2-Cycle Multifunctional 4 in-1 Cordless is perfect for different shapes and sizes.

The maximum engine power of the engine is 1100w and the maximum engine speed is 7500RPM and the lowest cutting speed is 300-RPM. Pole saw attachment of the cutter can cut about 7 inches thick work easily and it can reach about 13-19 feet long plants.

High-quality engines do not cause pollution and release less harmful flue gas. Include a bag for carrying it from one place to another safely. It allows multiple plants to trim from multiple angles. The hedge trimmer cutting length of this tool is 18 inches that are wide enough for a cutting machine.

Built with attached shoulder straps to lower the fatigue and vibrations while trimming or cutting. It’s very easy to start the engine with 2 position choke system. The brushcutter attachment of the machine helps to cut brushes, weeds, and overgrown grass.

The best brush cutter requires low maintenance and effort to the garden. The blades of the tool are ultra-sharp. It can cut through anything from thick trees to thick weeds because very easy to carry and use for many hours continuously. Work efficiently with every attached tool because time fully charged battery work for longer without getting dull.

  • 4in 1 gardening product is multipurpose
  • Uses for hours continuously
  • Very durable product for extra strength
  • Large cutting swath
  • Have multiple attachment tools
  • High quality, powerful engine allow multi-angle cutting
  • Heavier than others

9. SnapFresh Cordless String Trimmer

SnapFresh Cordless String Trimmer

It is a more efficient, powerful, useful, and convenient gardening product with a powerful motor and that maximum cutting speed is 8500RPM. It is an electric string trimmer that uses as a brush cutter. The 3.0Ah battery added to this tool enhances the working hours and life of the cutter.

The cutting swath of the Snap-Fresh Cordless String Trimmer is 12 inches and the overall dimensions are 36.7 x 9.1 x 5 inches. The tool has 2 operating modes one is edger mode that uses to clean edges and the other one is mower mode that uses for mowing.

Built with an adjustable cutting head angle and handle and the flexible rubber grip of the handle allow comfortable handling. Pole easily adjusts from 36.6 to 45.7 inches. For more powerful cutting, trimming has a resin blade. The weed trimmer can work up to 30 minutes after 1-hour continuous charging.

Made with a power display or power indicator to observe the battery level. Show out-of-the-box performance with a fully adjustable ergonomic handle and machine design. The cutting product used for double-angle adjustment. suitable either for small or large cutting areas.

Before starting the string trimmer it requires safety to lock it to avoid any error or accident. Have a double start switch, blade storage slot, resin cutting blade, nose knob, and length or direction adjustment lock. The weight of the brush cutter is 6.54 pounds therefore it cut great and rotates very fast.

  • Safe and secure for every user
  • 54pounds Ultra-light weighted
  • Have 2 direction power safety lock.
  • Power indicator light
  • Resin blade for more strength
  • Battery charge quickly
  • Not have any downside accept low time warranty

10. MOCOHANA 21V Cordless Grass Trimmer

MOCOHANA 21V Cordless Grass Trimmer

Light-weighted brush cutters weight is just about 2.6 lbs that almost lighter than all other products in this category. Allow adjusting the shaft length according to the task. The powerful motor of the cutter is 650W. Built with a protected cover to prevent the cutting grass from splashing.

The battery of the MOCOHANA 21V Cordless Grass Trimmer is Charged completely within 1 to 2 hours and works up to 40 minutes. The cordless brush cutter requires no gas or oil to work properly. It is a noise-free product. For different level cutting, it’s built with an adjustable machine head. The machine is powered by a 21V 2Ah battery.

Have 3 types of cutting instruments a stainless steel blade, a plastic blade, and a manganese steel round saw blade. That uses for small shrubs or weeds, small grass, and thicker brushes respectively. Double control switches of the machine it easy to control.

Requires zero maintenance and no need to pull any cord for starting it. The overall dimensions of this product are 35 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches. It is a heavy-duty tool with anti-vibration features and outstanding power.

  • Produce less noise
  • Powerful motor and 3 different cutters instruments
  • Have a protective guard to avoid splashing
  • Very light weighted brush cutter
  • Multifunctional adjustable machine
  • Built with adjustable handle
  • 20-40 minutes run time
  • Some find it battery outdated


Here are some most frequently asked questions and answers about electric brush cutters to help you plan and choose the next garden tool.

What’s The best cutter for me?

A best-quality brush cutter is enough either for small or toughest foliage. It is a way to clear out your garden if you don’t easily accessible to a power source then a battery power cordless brush cutter is the best choice. It is a light-weighted, quiet, and ideal medium for a large garden.

Is It Safe To Use Electric Brush Cutter?

Yes, it is safe to use an electric brush cutter. Like other brush cutters it does not create noise that may be a risk of hearing loss and it is also anti vibrant that damage the user’s hands. On the other hand brush cutter with heavy engines has a great chance of hot sparks or fuel spoilage that leads to fire hazards.

What Is The Suitable Motor Power or Engine Type?

The required motor power depends upon the gardening task. The brush cutter is available in different powers as 20v, 40v, 60v, and 80v. A 20v tool is suitable for a small tasks and for heavy-duty work 40 to 80volts brush cutter is useful.

For engine type 2-stroke engine is smaller but easy to use and has great balance while 4-stroke engines are heavier but more useful for a difficult task.

Which is the Best Way to Use an Electric Brush Cutter?

There are some tips to follow before using an electric brush cutter, first of all, read and follow the cutter manual carefully. Ensure to wear all the safety instruments like a hat, eye, and ear protectors. Must wear protected long clothes.

Do All-Electric Brush Cutters Allow To Change Cutting Heads?

No, not all the brush cutters need to have the option to change the head. But most quality products have a variety of heads to change according to the type of grass and brush. Some products have strings for weeds and some have steel blades for overgrown plants. It is a way to get one product and use it for various purposes.

Bottom Line

10 best quality electric brush cutters options help you to find the most suitable according to your needs. Usually when user wants some heavy-duty industrial models then they have to pay a lot of money for it but these are the best option in reasonable price and all these have a great reputation in cutting heavy brushes.

This type of cutters is indeed the review as all are an excellent tool to deal with different kinds of weeds, bushes, shrubs, and grass. With reviews of the product, these buying guides and FAQs about the electric brush cutter will also help you search for the right product for the right job. An electric brush cutter is an essential tool that handles most of the toughest cutting jobs easily.

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