How to sharpen a grass whip

How to Sharpen a Grass Whip?

A grass whip is a manual tool for cutting weeds or long grass. It is a weed cutter consisting of double-edge sharp blades attached to the metallic frame at the end of a long holdable stick. This simple tool has serrated blades, which should be resharpened when the tool has been used repeatedly. Regular sharpening of the grass whip’s blades can get the best results and save you from unnecessary exertion. 

How to Sharpen a Grass Whip? 

The simplest ways to sharpen serrated double-edge blades are as follows:

Step #1

Start with removing the blade. However, with some tools, it is difficult to dismantle the blade from the frame, so you can try removing the whole frame from the handle. In most cases, you can certainly find nuts or bolts on the just sides of the frame that you can easily unbolt to disassemble the blade. Having the blade out of the frame will make sharpen process way easier for you.

Step #2

Now, wipe away all the debris or dirt from the blade, use the wire brush to clean all dirt, and then grime with a damp rag. 

(Note: Please pay special attention to your hand safety and make sure you wear well-padded gloves to save your hand from sharp edges and rust)

Step #3

You can use a sharpening rod, rasp file, cone file, or triangular to sharpen the blades. A Cone file or sharpening rod would be a perfect fit in terms of the size of the grooves of the blade. 

A table vise is a good option to keep that blade stable and level. It would be best to place the blade in the equipment so that the angled edge faces you, then tightly secure the blade using the lever on the vise. 

(Note: If you don’t have a table vise, you can still sharpen a weed cutter easily, place the blade on the table or counter and hold it with your left hand while dragging the file/tool through the grooves of the blade)

Step #4

Now start dragging the sharpening tool or file in the first groove by carefully adjusting the angle beveled edge and tool; 45 ° or less angle will be good for sharpening the blades. Next, drag the file/sharpening tool back and forth through the teeth on the blade and keep repeating this process until you feel small metal particles on the blade’s backside.

You can use sandpaper to throw away those metal shaved bits, and you must repeat this process with all the grooves on the edge. Repeat the whole process until you feel the teeth of the blade sharpen well. Then, rub it with sandpaper and complete all the teeth in the blade.

Step #5

When sharpening one edge of the blade, flip over the side of the weed cutter and repeat the same process with all serrated teeth. 

Step #6

After the sharpening process, you should rub the oil mixture (equal ratio of kerosene and vehicle oil) using a rag on the new sharpened cuts of the blade.

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